Edirne 2007

I never tire of the old Edirne.  It is an exciting destination for those who love Turkey because the hustle and bustle of Istanbul is subdued in this western town thus allowing a relaxing investigation of what is offered.  Easy to reach by bus, one only need catch the tram from Sultanahmet tranfering to the metro at the Yusufpasa stop to get to the bus terminal [otogar.]  Radar bus company goes frequently with a ride of about 2 1/2 hours on the toll road.  Total time is a little less than four hours when one takes into consideration getting to the otogar and finally arriving at a hotel in Edirne. 

On arrival at Edirne’s otogar, ask for a shuttle to the Selimiye.  That takes the visitor to the old part of town where the antiquities await.  After settling in and freshening up at the hotel, the next thought is always about something to eat.  By now the traveler knows the wonderful foods Turkey offers, and they might have noticed that certain towns have specialties.  This is true of Edirne.  Theirs is fried liver [ciger.]

This was a food seldom cooked properly when I was a child, more often than not, overcooked, dry and tough, and a thoroughly unappetizing sight.  Consequently not many developed a taste for it. What a surprise, then, when those with me are informed that we are going to eat the best liver ever!  If some protest,  they soon find that it’s absolutely delicious.  Thinly sliced, lightly dusted with flour and quickly fried for a minute or less, its tenderness and fresh flavor are preserved.   The crispy outside is a sharp contrast with the moist interior.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh, it’s just wonderful!  Accompanied by fried peppers, small red ones, the texture is similar to potatoe chips with a “kick” because of the heat.  If this is not spicey enough , try some of the pickled peppers, then cool off with a cold ayran, a refreshing yogurt drink.  One always wants another portion of this town’s delicacy, a good enough reason for a return trip.  Can’t wait to get back.   See you soon Edirne!


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