Ağırnas near Kayseri in central Anatolia is Mimar Sinan’s hometown.  Good evidence of this is the firman that permitted his relatives to unencumbered residence in the area while others in Ağırnas were removed to repopulate Cyprus after the Ottomans finally defeated the Venetians in 1573.  However, try finding the town on a map.

With the upcoming “birthday” of Sinan [celebrated 9th of April I was told,] it was important to locate his town.  While writing “Sinan Diaryz,” I had not been successful at this but it didn’t seem that important then.  Now, with a desire to visit on his “birthday” and see the museum dedicated to him, it was.  Searching through many new Turkey travel maps at a local book store, a town was finally found, but possibly the name Ağırnas is no more for only Mimarsinan was discovered.  Is this the same town?  That will soon be known for sure when I travel there shortly.  To be continued………………………………. 


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